A better life starts with a beautiful smile

A better life starts with a beautiful smile

Maintaining good oral health is essential to maintaining good overall health. The goal of proper oral hygiene is to remove or prevent formation and buildup of plaque and tartar, to prevent dental caries and periodontal disease, and to decrease the incidence of halitosis (bad breath).

Brushing and flossing and getting regular dental cleans/checkups will help you to have a great looking smile, brighter whiter looking teeth and fresh breath. They are an important part in preventing gum disease and reducing your risk of tooth loss and dental problems.

Getting a regular professional clean will remove plaque, tartar buildup, stains from teeth and prevent periodontal diseases.

Periodontal disease occurs in mild to severe forms. Gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal disease and is generally reversible. Periodontitis, which is more severe, can occur when gingivitis is left untreated and can result in major, irreversible damage to the soft tissue and bone structure of the teeth. Periodontitis is considered the primary cause of tooth loss among adults over 45 years of age. Results from a range of studies also provide evidence that periodontal disease is linked to chronic health conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and pre-term low weight babies. Mechanically removing plaque buildup by brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and obtaining routine dental care is critical to reducing or preventing periodontal disease.

Signs of Periodontal Diseases include:

  • Red, swollen or tender gums
  • Pain in the gum area
  • Signs of bleeding after brushing, flossing or eating hard foods.
  • Pus or inflammation between gums and teeth
  • Signs of loosening or separating
  • Persistent halitosis
  • Changes in the fit of partial dentures
  • Changes in positioning of teeth

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